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Building Sustainability Services

Buildings play a key role as major energy consumers , accounting for 40% of global carbon emissions per year.

At Bis he need to raise awareness and establish a regenerative mindset within building engineering of engineering is a given Bis. We plan, design and execute solutions that reduce, restore, renew and replenish the energy sources and materials used.

Decarbonising our sector is both a challenge and an opportunity to effectively mitigate the effects of climate change . To this end, it is essential to consider the carbon footprint throughout the entire life cycle of a building,from the extraction and use of raw materials to the disposal and management of waste, or ideally its possible reuse, through to the cost and expenditure of energy consumed during the building's life cycle.


Structural Typological Analysis with Sustainability Criteria

#BisSustainable is based on the design of buildings with low CO2 emissions of CO2. This may either be because the production and transport of raw materials as well as the construction process itself, generate net negative carbon emissions,or because the structural proposal takes into account sustainable criteria, or because we assist in the design of the building envelope to minimise the energy demands of the building and design the installations to cover this demand with efficient systems and renewable energies,preferably generated on site, to achieve a zero net carbon emissions balance over its annual operation, or through a combination of all of these.

Our design approach is based on analysing the needs of use of the building and its location, proposing sustainable and optimization between the architectural system, consulting in MEP engineering consultancy and structures to achieve a lower impact on the environment.

Our sustainability services include:

  • Structural typological analysis with sustainability criteria
  • Calculation of CO2 embedded in the building
  • Passive systems integration
  • Analysis of efficient air-conditioning systems that reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Recovery energy
  • Recovery water
  • Energy simulations. Energy savings and efficiency calculations
  • Environmental Certifications: LEED, WELL, LEVEL(S), VERDE, DGNB, BREEAM
  • Eco label is BisSustainable

We are convinced that the only way to tackle this paradigm is collectively, working as a team with all professionals in the sector. As a sign of this, we have joined Engineers Declare, actively committing ourselves to take action to address the global climate and biodiversity emergency.

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