"Harmony and proportion to create a sense of unity and visual balance in the structure, while being stable and strong"

Bis Structures

Structural Engineering Services

As an engineering company specialising in structural design,we offer a complete service that guarantees the best structure for any building, both for new new projects and renovations, covering all phases of the project, from conception to execution. Our drive and determination achieve the best technical and sustainability solutions in projects of any type, size and structural complexity.

Our structural engineeniering services include:

  • The daily challenge of designing the structures of the buildings entrusted to us with the greatest guarantee.
  • The best structural solution to provide the project with maximum precision and the best definition that quality architecture requires.
  • Meticulous analysis of materials and construction methods to meet needs.
  • The use of new technologies in the structural design process to achieve a balance between form, function and sustainability.
  • Management and control during the construction process of the building structure.
  • Creative solutions to complex challenges.

Technical Due Diligence

To determine potential risks associated with the purchase/sale of a property, we identify, evaluate and assess the physical and conservation characteristics of an existing structure.

In addition to checking its safety, stability and durability, we focus on the feasibility of giving the building a new life , estimating future costs resulting from possible reinforcement and consolidation actions due to deficiencies in the design of the original structure and/or adaptation to compliance with current regulations according to its intended use.

Design and Calculation of Structures

We are involved in all phases of the project, our organisational structure allows us to achieve a high production capacity, adapting to the increasingly demanding response times, guaranteeing technical quality in all our new construction and restoration projects new projects and renovations.

Structural Works Management

We understand that our service ends when the structure is correctly built, according to the project indications, and respects our design and execution standards. We are present during the construction process of the building structure , predicting and avoiding errors in the execution, with the consequent savings in terms of time and money.

New construction and renovation

Understanding the distinction between design and structural calculation is fundamental to understanding our philosophy and our commitment to the project: the volumetric articulation of the building and the functional organisation of its interior spaces. Both seek, in the different typologies and structural elements, a response to the purposes of the construction, the future use of the building and its contribution to society.

In existing structures, only a thorough knowledge of construction techniques and materials allows for effective intervention. Our renovation services include reports or opinions, diagnosis, projects and monitoring of works in which not only the stability and strength of the buildings must be guaranteed, but also their durability.

Specialist Services for Structures

  • Special structures: Specialists in the design of large roofs of long-span roofs and long-span structures that provide flexibility for future spaces.
  • High-rise towers: We approach from an innovative standpoint, optimising structural typologies to integrate them with wind tunnel tests of boundary layers.
  • Advanced Fire Engineering (AFE): We guarantee the fire performance of our structures beyond basic compliance with current regulations.
  • Earthquake-resistant engineering: When there is a presiding seismic requirement, we bring our technical and regulatory expertise to bear to ensure that the building design allows for excellent damping and dissipation of seismic energy.
  • Geotechnics: We have a high level of interpretation of ground behaviour and its effects on the restraint and foundations de los edificios; usando metodologías de modelado complejo de los suelos y las estructuras.
  • Advanced Materials: We work with the most advanced materials such as high performance concrete, special steels , high strength and ductility wood and multilayer composites, carbon fibres, aluminium, and structural glassamong others.
  • Engineering Fluid Dynamics: applying CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) methodologies, we model complex situations of wind-structure interaction.
  • TMS: Our Technology Management Service allows us to develop and manage on behalf of our clients the work of leading specialists in specialities such as the Boundary Layer Aerodynamic Wind Tunnelthe Large Volume Geotechnicsthe FORM FINDING in lightweight membrane and cable structures, etc.

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