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La Culla Retirement Home in Manresa

B\TA Arquitectura
10 €
Surface area
6580 m2
Year of the project
Year of the building works


Project for the construction of an assisted living facility for the elderly and day centre.

The complex is rectangular in shape, following the alignment of Calle San Rafael. It is structurally divided into 2 blocks by an expansion joint. In addition, the building has a basement floor which is only developed in one of the blocks.

In the case of the basement ceiling, the horizontal structure is made of a solid reinforced concrete slab. The floor slabs above ground level are made of waffle slabs or solid slabs for balconies.

The vertical structure is made of reinforced concrete pillars and, occasionally, there are metal pillars on one of the terraces in the central area of the building.

The concrete retaining walls adapt to the topography due to the steep slopes of the street in the southern part of the plot, integrating part of the retaining walls into the load-bearing structure of the building.

For the foundations, a shallow solution with isolated footings is proposed.

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Bis Copyright ⓒ 2023 | All rights reserved