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Barcelona Regional Jordi Mercadé
Barcelona de Serveis Municipals BSM
Surface area
24682 m2
Year of the project
Year of the building works
En curso-


This project has established the necessary conditions for the execution of the common infrastructures (Core&Shell project) of the Gregal Quay restoration area, while hypothesising how the possible restaurants would function in order to dimension connections or spaces available for future use, providing the technical documentation corresponding to the installations.

The scope of the project is the calculation, design and specification of the supply installations for the future premises, which do not include the interior installations, and the associated service gallery. Also included in the project is the development of the quayside and city levels of the quay itself, the connecting ramp between the beach and the quay and the front of the meteorological observatory building.

The following concepts have been developed:

Vertical transport installation (the graphic documentation for this part is included in the architectural project, structures and façades and envelopes).The photovoltaic pergolas project stands out, with a total of 620kWp connected to a medium voltage centre.  

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