A bit of history

Bis was founded in 1990 by David Garcia and Gemma Masip. It was created with a commitment to enhance the human dimension as the backbone of professional and personal relationships, based on the care of the team, commitment to society and the passion for our profession, offering a global service in the area of design and structural analysis in an increasingly specialised sector with high quality requirements.

More than 30 years of experience in the Spanish market and projects built in Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, hace allowed Bis structures to creat more than 5000 examples of its works. As a result, Bis has achieved a great capacity for developing projects adapted to the needs and methods of building in each area. This fact has allowed us to work with the majority of structural systems applied to all architectural typologies.

From our international experience, we understood the need for a global vision of building engineering. Aware that our professional ambition was entirely fulfilled in our performance as a structural engineering firm, we decided to become an integrated engineering firm,coordinating the specialities of structures and MEP engineering with sustainability as the key axis of the present and future of buildings.

In 2022, Xavier Martínez joined as partner and technical director of Bis systems the MEP engineering area of Bis enhancing our original values and gaining recognition from our clients: We are an agent of change in the sector.

Bis has more than 60 employees. Its headquarter is in Barcelona,and also has office in Madrid, where it has been established since 2018.

bis ingenieria integral edificacion certificacion eficiencia energetica

Bis - Integral Engineering Specialized in Building and Energy Efficiency Certification

It is a integrated engineering company specialising of highly technical, large-scale and highly complex buildings , where structures and building services are designed from the architectural perspective

Our comprehensive and parallel approach from both building engineering,disciplines leads to an intrinsic and essential coordination that reduces inefficiencies reduces inefficiencies and results in a more global project , which improves and professionalises the building sector.

We design and manage building works with our brand as a guarantee of quality and in collaboration with the educational world ,the research and industry, to meet the real needs of the projects we develop.

We suggest customised solutions and apply the most innovative and convenient technologies in the sector, with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint, minimising costs and construction time of all the buildings in which we are involved

We take the building engineering project to its highest degree of efficiency, stability and elegance, in coordination with the architect's vision and the client's needs. For this reason, and thanks to our commitment to excellence and close relationship we maintain with our clients we are the ideal partner for all architectural projects.

Our high level of commitment in the development of our profession is reflected in the quality of the service we offer and the level of relationship we achieve with our clients. We choose an open and transparent communication, reflecting our desire to make every project a great project.

With the same aim, we are present during all phases of the project, from conception to commissioning, perfectly coordinated with other professionals involved, thus covering a complete range of services that guarantee the best solution for any hospital, sports, hotel, residential, educational, cultural and office building, both under new projects and renovations.

Our team, with a background in architecture, is made up of architects, engineers and technical specialists who us their creativity, passion and knowledge to merge engineering with architectural concepts. This particularity gives us a high sensitivity and knowledge of architecture and allows us to provide exceptional design solutions and values for our clients, taking the safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability of the project to the maximum level.

Ingenieros bis

Our strength lies in each of the people who make up our team, whose individual purpose fuels the common goal of making Bis one of the most advanced advanced comprehensive building engineering companies, a leader in the national market and internationally renowned. Together we create a collective intelligence that enriches us and which we put at the service of our projects and our clients. Our team is everything.

Our robust business structure enables us to quickly implement changes in our work processes, and to employ best practice guidelines from our four pillars across our entire business.

We consider researchthe quality, the knowledge and and productivity and to be strategic as key elements to achieve our objectives. Thanks to the direct involvement of all team members in each of these sectors, growth is fuelled by individual and collective interest.

Pioneering Research

Research has always been our main driver of evolution. We are a leading company in our sector, always up to date with the latest technologies, processes and methodologies. Our efforts seek to answer the "why" and challenge the "how" of continually improving our designs to make a real impact on the sector.

Being part of the transformation our society needs drives us to constantly study, learn and apply innovative solutions to make things happen. Digitalisation, sustainability and people are key.

Commitment to Quality

We have standardised internal processes for monitoring all phases of the project, with the aim of improving the efficiencythe efficiency and , effectiveness and performance of our service. Through our Quality Management System (QMS) we give a voice to each member of the team in the process of technical and business improvement, with the constant aim to carry out the proposals for improvement received and thus enrich any work.

Our transversality has a bearing on sharing the knowledge gained from each new project and also aims to homogenise the project development processes as well as the criteria used for design and calculation. The adaptation of all the information related to the project is a constant in the updating of current regulations. vigentes.

Equipo bis ingeniería

Continuous Training and Knowledge

We are committed to the added value that comes from being part of our country's teaching community In recent years, this work has been reflected in the collaboration of our technicians as lecturers in various master's degrees, postgraduate courses and courses of UPC, UPM, UIC, ACE, ACI, IEE, Escola Sert, CAATEB, Zigurat e IE University.

At Bis we are convinced that the transmission of knowledge is the basis for the team to evolve professionally and to do so together. It is a cyclical and continuous process that unites us in the same project as university lecturers and internal y como educators internos: we learn by teaching and we teach as we learn.

Production Optimization

Constantly raising customer satisfaction is indispensable and it is not possible to achieve this without having an in depth vision of service, task planning and the coordination of people, perfecting processes in each area to improve productivity and the implementation of the improvement proposals that have been channelled through our QMS.

We directly link the technological requirements of the project with the affinity of the people involved, resulting in teams specifically designed to ensure compliance with customer requirements, applicable regulations and team training.

Our Services


As an engineering company specialising in structural design, we offer a complete service that guarantees the better structure


The operational efficiency of a building is determined by the parameters of its internal systems and the quality of its environment.


The need to raise awareness and establish a regenerative mindset within building engineering is a fact at Bis.

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